I'm starting to slowly lose count of how many songs I now have under my belt, but each one has been a blast to do and quite a learning experience at that.  Once again, I was inundated with information, and due to constraints for time, I could barely touch the surface here, but I really appreciate everyone who contributed.  Now-on with the song!

I consider this song a "make good", in a way.  Let's call it "Cohoes Song 2.0".  The first attempt had a more sarcastic tone to it.  We were more accustomed to picking fun at the foibles of area towns and cities. Some took a little bit of offense to it, even though it was all done in jest.

For this one, I took a totally positive slant and I have to give a big shout out to some of the helpful folks from Facebook, local government and the Cohoes Chamber for their assistance.

Armand Pelletier (wrote me from Hawaii!)

Roxanne Roylance

Diane Conroy Lacivita

Ed Trembley

Mayor John McDonald!

Kelly Keough

Tiffany Chrinian

"Big John" Gabriel

Jeanne Kubica

Brian "I'm Gonna Write You A Book" Bullock

submitted by Mayor McDonald's Office

Without further adieu, I present the song (the rough draft written on Mohawk Specialty Paper (not really, but I had to get that in there!)


The lyrics are beneath the song.  Go ahead, sing along!

mp3 version

Cohoes, Cohoes

(c) 2012 Richie Phillips. All rights Reserved


Time to sing a little song, gonna tell ya bout a town

Where even George Washington used to hang around

known for it’s textiles

Known for it's mills

now lots of people living in Harmony Hills

Award winning schools teachers are great

One of the biggest waterfall iin the whole darn state

Cohoes is the name- what does it mean?

fallen canoe- no it means pine tree



Cohoes, Cohoes Everybody knows

Once a big name for designer clothes

lots of little stores the town is neat

All lined up on Remsen Street  ( like the Musc Hall - they've got it all)


Community Center, Senior Center

Youask anybody they’ll say none better

and here’s something right here that everyone discusses-

They've got schools, but they ain’t got busses


Wouldn't be good wouldn’t be fair

If we don’t mention John McDonald their fair mayor

and Ron Canestrari and before I'm gone-

Big shout out to that Mastadon


Cohoes Cohoes everybody knows

where you can go and watch the water flow

Here's your theme song, and oh by the way

I'm Rhymin Richie from 'GNA


Three cheers for Cohoes!  If you'd like more information about the town, you can go to their Choose Cohoes.com website.  And if you want to join a great Rotary Club, the Cohoes Rotary is a great group.  I gave a talk there recently - great people.

Please feel free to leave your comments below.  And again, many apologies that I couldn't get all the information in.  I might have to write a second web only version!!

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