Another season of WGNA's Country Idol is under way at Vapor in Saratoga Casino and Raceway. We recently caught up with our first winner, Bobby Kendall, as he prepares to make a special guest area appearance.

A few years ago, Richie and I teamed up to host some big events around the Captial Region, and our next joint venture will happen on Saturday, March 15 at the Holiday Inn on Wolf Road. This year, we've invited special guest Bobby Kendall to make an appearance and meet some Country Music fans who are watching his star rise.

We recently took a moment to catch up with Bobby Kendall who will make a special guest appearance at our Country Cabin Fever Party on Saturday, March 15. Kendall, 27, lives in Lake George 6 months a year, with the remaining time spent in Western Illinois where he runs a deer hunting related business.

Q: To date, what's been the highlight of your career?

A: There have been several cool highlights playing with lots of big country acts, recording with Conan's basic cable band in LA and recording with some of my favorite musicians including John Mayer's original bass player David LaBruyere and Union Station's fiddle player Glen Duncan. However, the journey of a musician has lots of peaks and valleys and the high POINT of my career would be after working with Chuck Ainlay mixing my last album in Nashville, chuck liked it so much he personally invited the heads of Sony, Curb, Black River and Universal record labels to the studio for me to meet and hear my music which lead to meetings at all the major labels! Hopefully, that will lead to the next high point!

Q: What is the one song you've written that you feel would be a big hit and why?

A: I think of all the songs I have written the one that has the most potential to be a hit would be "Carolina girl" just based off all the great feedback from my fans!

Q: If you could sing a duet with anyone in Country Music who would it be and why?

A: If I could play a song with someone it would prob be Keith urban. He's a great artist, writer , singer and I'd love to hear him play leads to some of my songs!

Meet Country Idol Rising Star Bobby Kendall at the Holiday Inn on Wolf Road on Saturday, March 15. For information and tickets click here or Email or For more information on Bobby Kendall, click here.