Listeners sometimes ask when they meet us out at events, how I put up with three guys in the morning and manage to hold my own. I typically reply, "I don't know how well I do at holding my own, but I certainly try."

I guess the best way I cope with being out numbered by Sean, Richie & Jeff is staying passive aggressive with them.  I let them get their digs in and when they think they are catching me on an off day, I sometimes catch them of guard with a quick witted and clever comment right back.  Yesterday, was one of those mornings.

Each morning on the show, Sean does his monologue around 6:10am.  Yesterday, he had a story about how butterflies demonstrate their interest in mating with another butterfly and how they demonstrate their non-interest.  After putting in my two cents, Jeff tried to throw a dig out at me, especially because I've been sick all week and not quite up to par.  However, I proved them wrong -- they weren't able to take hits at me just because I was feeling under the weather.

Check out the recap of the monologue Sean did yesterday.  Fortunately, for me, they weren't able to kick me while I've been down with a terrible cold.