Garey Busey Endorses Trump [AUDIO]
Gary Busey got fired by Donald Trump, would he really still endorse him? Micheal Jackson's doctor treated a man on a plane. Thor had to bulk up to get in the movies. I tell you about a prom dress that looks good enough to eat, and so much more in today's morning monologue...
American Idol Doesn’t Like Chubby Girls? (AUDIO)
Today's monologue. Does American Idol Discriminate? A girl claims she was moved out of the front row during a taping of the show because she was too fat. We also talked about the good and bad in getting plastic surgery in the back room of a tile shop...
Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney Married? (AUDIO)
Here is today's monologue from the show.  I must warn you it starts very slowly, but I do believe the jokes get much better towards the end.  Which brings me to a thought, if you do listen to the monologue I'd love to hear what jokes you actually do like the best.
The World in Joke Form (AUDIO)
Here is a clip of today's monologue.  Remember it happens very early in the morning as we open the show with it at 6.  My voice is never quite as awake as I think it is, but I still think its fun and I know a lot of you don't get up early enough to hear it.
Today we ponder such th…
Sean and Richie Show Monologue (AUDIO)
You know, our writers work very hard every day. Sadly sometimes we don't get much of a chance to use their stuff.  If you must know we "wing" a lot of the show. I think its more fresh and even a little more dangerous that way.