Last night's "American Idol" resulted in Casey Abrams sent packing his bags. He sang "Hi De Ho (That Old Sweet Roll)."  Abrams was one of three contestants with the least amount of votes after the entire group of performers sang Carole King tunes this week.  There are now five contestants left this season.  Joining Casey in the bottom three was Jacob Lusk and country wanna-be Scott McCreery.  Many people thought Scotty didn't do so hot this week, but as America determined, Abrams had the least faved performance of the week.


Crystal Bowersox

Last night, Crystal Bowersox, last season's runner-up was a highlight of the show.  Bowersox, very much like Lauren Alaina this season, was never in the bottom three except for maybe one week (if I recall correctly).  Could be a slight prediction on how the show ends or at least who the final two are going to be.  I've loved Lauren since her initial audition and it will be interesting to see if she becomes the new title holder or sticks around long enough to be the runner-up.  She would make a great "American Idol" since she is cute, quirky, fun, polished, funny, and a helluva good singer!

While most of us don't always follow the contestants once the show is over unless they are big on the charts or a headline in the news, it's hard to see or hear what they are up to.  Crystal Bowersox signed with Jive Records after her season on the show.  She also got married since her claim to fame.

Here is my favorite performance by Crystal when she was on "American Idol."  She was such a refreshing and original type of artist to be on the show, for a change.

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