This week on "American Idol" two contestants will be sent home for sure.  Last week, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler utilized their "save" on Casey Abrams.  America shed the least amount of votes last week on Abrams and without singing more than one verse of his plea for the judge's empathy, the judges decided to keep Abrams on the show.  However, since no one went home last week and the judges have no more saves to use, two contestants will go home tonight.

So who do you think did the worst job last night?  This week, in my opinion, was probably one of the tougher nights to judge because most of the contestants had excellent performances.  However, there were two contestants, in particular, I'm starting to become bored with.  Here of my least two favorites:

While Naima's originality is great, as the weeks go on, she is having a harder time singing well, especially compared to the other contestants.  I think we will probably see her go home tonight.

Each week, like a broken record, the judges have told Pia to pick a song to sing that is not a ballad.  And once again -- she sang a ballad.  I'm bored.  I don't know about you, but she makes me yawn.  While many of the other contestants have been doing entertaining performances while maintaining good vocals, I snooze during Pia's performances.  If she doesn't go home tonight, I will be amazed.  If she doesn't go home, than we know only guys are voting for her.  Can we say eye candy? Pia dear, the judges are only trying to help insure you stay in the competition -- take their advice.

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