Some Uber drivers are trying to scam the system for a quick buck, and it involves vomit.

Just the phrase 'vomit fraud' ;sounds icky right. I mean, how do you fake vomit? Regardless, if you use Uber here in the Capital Region you need to be aware of this scam that will make you sick to your stomach. Pun intended.

Uber has system in place if someone vomits in a vehicle so drivers can get reimbursed for cleanup costs. According to a Miami Herald report, some Uber drivers are scamming this system. After dropping off riders without incident, some drivers are filing reports that riders vomited in their vehicles. They even submit fake photos of the incident, which the ride-share company uses as evidence for the claims, These charges on can go as high as $150 for such an incident.

Now, these charges can be fought and recouped if something like this happens to you. The only problem is it takes a little time and effort through the help button on the app, according to the Herald.

So if you use Uber, watch those charges and if something out of place pops up reach out to Uber right away to begin the process of reversing the charge.

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