You binge watch at home, and now you can binge watch at Regal Cinemas!

If you are an avid and active movie goer, this is a wonderful thing! Regal Cinemas now offers a movie subscription pass, according to a Times Union report. You can learn more about the movie pass here, but it basically gives you unlimited access to view movies at Regal! The pass comes with other perks too, including advance tickets and a 10% discount on food and alcohol-free drinks.

The Crossgates, Colonie Center and Clifton Park Regal locations are all taking part in the All Access Unlimited level of the service giving you free reign to watch movies nationwide at any Regal location for $23.50 per month. The best part is, this is truly unlimited: there are no blackout dates or limitations on any screenings!

If go to the movies a lot, this is a no brainer. Plus, now when you want to go back fro viewing 2 or 3 of your new favorite, no more laying out extra money for those tickets!

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