I know my information isn't as private as I think it is but I feel a little better knowing it takes a bit of effort to hack a computer and get to it. Until I saw in the local paper, it's being published for everyone to see!

I bought a house in August by myself, knowing that my boyfriend was moving in with me a few months later but only my name is on the paperwork. A few months after I bought the house, I saw my name in the paper. It was not just my name but my address, the amount I paid, as well as the person I bought it from.

I understand that it's public record but I didn't feel comfortable with the Capital Region not only now knowing my new address but it looks like I'm a single woman who lives alone. That's a security issue! It wasn't like a kind of public record that you had to go to City Hall and find, or the internet that takes a little hacking knowledge, it's printed in a newspaper delivered to everyone's front door and that makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

Is there a reason for this to be printed? Can't a realtor have a way to look up this information if you're buying or selling yourself? Why does everyone need to know my business?

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