Want to escape the winter for a couple hours this weekend?  Head to the Butterfly exhibit at MiSci!

We have been to this exhibit and it’s so much fun!  Kids of all ages will love it – unless you are Andrea and you are scared of moths – which makes her uneasy even around butterflies.  But I digress!

Sean Mcmaster
Sean Mcmaster

You walk in this exhibit and the butterflies are literally flying all around you.  Some even land on your hands or head!  It’s great!!  The museum describes the exhibit:

“Watch Butterflies at every stage of life - from egg to the Chrysalis chamber to adulthood. Learn about different species of butterflies from the area, what butterflies eat, and how scientists use butterflies as examples for new technology.”

I said earlier, escape the Winter because the habitat in the exhibit is so warm with flowers all over!  You will think you went somewhere tropical!

Then, spend a little time going through the museum with the kids.  The other exhibits are fun and educational too!

Here is the information for the exhibit:

  • 02/18/2017 – 4/23//2017
  • Admission. $10.50/adult (13+), $7.50/child (3-12)
  • Location:  MiSci (formerly Schenectady Museum): 15 Nott Terrace Heights Schenectady, NY, 12308

Have fun!

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