Think back to when you were in middle school.

What were you doing? Anything important?

If you were like me, you probably forgot to do your homework a lot and had a tendency to fall asleep in your Science class.

Seems like the middle schoolers at Farnsworth Middle School aren't much like I was. In fact, they've done something so cool and that the community can go and enjoy for FREE.

The school has created and kept a Butterfly Station at the school that is student run and opened officially this week for its 18th year. You can walk around with the butterflies, watch how the butterfly species from within the metamorphosis room, create projects in the craft room, along with other interactive exhibits. Again, MIDDLE SCHOOLERS put this together and it's awesome!

Go check it out for yourself Monday through Friday 10am-1:30pm, now until August 12th - 6072 State Farm Road, Guilderland.

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