Just last week the Schenectady MiSci museum announced that they would have a model train exhibit and this week they said they would have to close their doors. I was happy that there were places to go with our kids but now it looks as if we are seeing a spike in coronavirus cases and places are closing again. Last week, the MiSci museum in Schenectady was announcing new exhibits now they are closing.

According to the Daily Gazette, the Museum of Innovation and Science (MiSci) in Schenectady is forced to temporarily close beginning this Wednesday, December 9th. The hope is that the museum won't be closed long so they can continue to provide educational exhibits for the community.

MiSci said that they will still continue to offer many different virtual learning opportunities through the STEM programs in schools and libraries across the Capital Region with the support of the Jane Golub STEM Fund.

A spokesperson for MiSci said in a statement:

The museum’s priority is to protect the health and safety of our visitors and staff. We are closely monitoring guidance from local government, public health officials, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

If you are interested in scheduling a virtual program, just click HERE.

If you are a museum member, your membership will automatically be extended by how long the closure is. Any ticket purchases that are affected by the closer will be refunded.

To keep up to date on information about MiSci, you can follow all of their social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also get educational content by visiting their website.

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