Rotterdam is the latest Capital Region town to get hit with 'distraction burglaries.' 

After popping up in North Greenbush recently, 'distraction burglaries' have now been reported in Rotterdam according to a CBS 6 report. Police are saying 2 such burglaries too place Wednesday, one on Ft. Hunter Road and one on Delmar Ave.

What is basically happening in these incidents is one person will come to the door claiming to be an employee of a utility company to distract the homeowner so a second person can sneak in to steal from the home. The CBS 6 report says at the Ft. Hunter Road incident one man claimed to be from National Grid and got the homeowner into their backyard when a 2nd person came in and stole items. The men involved in the Delmar Avenue incident claimed to be checking on the home after a "water main break" and also got away with stolen items.

As with anyone coming to your home, Police told CBS 6 residents should be asking for credentials of anyone looking to gain access to their homes. Which is a good rule of thumb anytime, anywhere. Be suspicious of anyone who comes to your home unannounced, and anyone who cannot produce proof that they are who they say they are!

For more details on the Rotterdam incidents, you can read the full CBS 6 story here.

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