The NFL draft is happening at the end of April and the Buffalo Bills want some heroes to represent them when they make their picks. If you are a frontline health care worker and part of Bills Mafia you could win a trip to this year's NFL draft in Cleveland.

Back in January, the Buffalo Bills owner Kim Pegula surprised and rewarded Western New York nurses with Super Bowl tickets in Tampa Bay. This is another way the Buffalo Bills hope to give back to all of those frontline healthcare workers that have been so essential throughout the pandemic.

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According to, if you want to apply to represent the Buffalo Bills at this year's NFL draft, you have to fill out a form with questions varying from "Will you be fully vaccinated on or before April 15, 2021", and "Why would you want to represent the Buffalo Bills in Cleveland for the NFL draft. You can apply by clicking HERE. You must apply by April 15, 2021. The NFL draft is a three-day event happening in Cleveland starting on Thursday, April 29th.

The Buffalo Bills will be looking to fill several positions at this year's draft including tight end, defensive end, and running back. Their first pick will be the thirtieth overall selection.

Last season I switched allegiances from the New York Jets into the Buffalo Bills Mafia. I did a series of stunts to gain the trust of the Bills fan base and was accepted in. I jumped through a table, got doused in condiments, burned my Jets apparel, and pledged my allegiance to Bills Mafia.

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