I don't know how popular this will make me with most people out there but I have to say I was not only not shocked or offended by

Bryan Cranston's comment in this video but I actually thought it was hysterical. I should start by saying I did not watch "Breaking Bad" but I was aware of some of Bryan Cranston's earlier comedy work, so my opinion doesn't come from a "fan," it's just my initial reaction. In fact now that people are coming out against Bryan and saying he is mean, or immature and what not , I am reminded at how many times I have been taken seriously in a completely comic moment. I think that this was just that, an opportunity to say something funny and maybe shock a few people at the same time. In fact, in reality this is just how guys talk to each other when thety are buddies and maybe , if anything Bryan made the mistake of realizing that some people who are not his "fans" would see this and take it wrong. To be clear the audience , and the guy who answered the question all "got the joke." I want to know what you think, out of line or just trying to be funny?

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