This weekend was Taste of Country Music Festival and I had the pleasure of seeing Miranda Lambert on Saturday night and then spent the day Sunday meeting some amazing artists.

This was also weekend of firsts for me. I've never been to a music festival like this before so for it to be filled with artists like Miranda Lambert, Kip Moore, and (my favorite) Maren Morris, I couldn't wait. We play some amazing music on WGNA but sometimes, with newer artists, I don't know a ton about them personally so before my interview with the amazing Brooke Eden, I did my research.

Brooke and I are similar. Both of our birthdays are December 1988, both of us are whiskey girls, and both of us appreciate 90s pop music from when we were younger. We not only talked about how great it is to see the lines of pop and country music blending but we featured a throwback pop song that we both love that you can now see in her upcoming sets!

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