We're at the Taste Of Country Music Festival as I write this, and we were just talking about Brantley Gilbert's "Bottom's Up".  That makes me think of my cup that's in my right hand. It's not cool.   Boy I wish I had THIS cup.  This one goes online! 

According to the Consumerist.com, they have a new cup that you can purchase for the incredible price of just $199.00.  Such a deal.

Now what this little container can do is amazing. It's called a Vessyl, as a matter of fact.  This thing goes online, it can identify what's in the cup, provides you with nutritional information and much more.  I kid you not.  Check this out via YouTube.

Would you buy one of these if you could afford it?  Hell yea, I would.  THIS is my kind of cup-cup-cup-cup.  Unfortunately, all I get is this thing

photo by Richie