It's been chronicled many times on the show that there's a divide in my parents household when it comes to politics. While Chrissy and I and the rest of the morning show playfully allows for each side to demonstrate their love (or disdain) for their political allegiance, a rather bizarre dream by Mama Codes seemed to send the universe spinning on it's axis. My mom is not about Trump and has been pretty vocal about it, but during the week, she told me about a dream she had about our president. Get this: Trump took my mom out on a date, acted like a perfect gentleman and even kissed her goodnight.  Hilarious! We decided to call my dad and get his reaction to it.  Is Papa Codes finally breaking down my momma? Here's the bit we did during the week as we were stumped (and rather pumped) about my mom's dream about her date with Trump.

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