This has been one of the worst flu seasons in recent years and it's gotten to the point where Chrissy has been taking extreme measures to make sure the studio is germ free. While it's greatly appreciated, Jess and I thought things have been getting a little out of hand. We felt that Chrissy was literally making herself sick by obsessing about the flu and flu prevention.  We decided to have an intervention. It started off a little rocky, but we stayed strong.

Chrissy had gotten to the point where she was spending hours a week wiping down bathrooms, hotel rooms, studios, restaurant tables and everything and anything she could get a Clorox Wipe on. In fairness to our beloved Chrissy, she had been a week removed from a nasty case of the flu and was fearful of getting it again. But this obsession she had of living in a germ-free bubble was years in the making. We were at a crossroads; we hadn't said anything to her, we felt like the anxiety and stress of trying to avoid it would have done more damage to her than actually getting it!

Here's what went down:




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