It seems that every country show we go to, the artists always bring along their furry friends. Most of them are rescue animals. We met a ton of the country artists' dogs over the summer. It was obvious that Brett Eldredge was in love with his dog, Edgar. He continues to show his affection. When we met Edgar back stage at SPAC over the summer, it was almost cooler to have met his dog than him. This dog knows so many tricks and is so well behaved. I remember him showing us a trick. Brett put a piece of chicken on Edgar's nose and told him to wait. After about thirty seconds (which seemed like an eternity) he released Edgar to eat the chicken. This dog was so patient. He was in a room of about twenty people and he only answered to Brett.

In this video that Brett posted on Facebook last night, you can see and understand the love and the bond they have with each other. Check out how Brett sings to Edgar and he just loves the sound of his voice. True love!

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