These Saints Don’t Care What The ‘Experts’ Think
During last nights Siena mens basketball game, the announcers repeatedly talked about how lousy the Siena Saints men were supposed to be this season.  It's kind of become the narrative when talking about this team, creating a Cinderella effect.  The so-called experts predicted them to finish last in…
Engagement at Siena Game After Half-Court Shot [VIDEO]
It sounds completely out of a movie, doesn't it?
Girl has the opportunity to win a $500 gift card if she makes a half-court shot during the half-time break of the big Siena game. Boy decides he's going to pop the question to her surprise. Girl hits half court shot, Boy proposes, Girl says, …
ICYMI: Super Sweet Proposal at Siena Game Half Court [Watch]
This video is almost too good to be true!
Thursday night at the Times Union Center, Erin Tobin, a Siena grad, made a beautiful half-court shot at halftime. Which was perfect all on it's own... but that's not all!
The Dunkin' Donuts cup mascot, (who was really Erin's boyfriend under…
Siena College Basketball in 1948 [PHOTOS]
A perfect find for "Throwback Thursday!"
It was November of the 1948-49 Siena Saints college basketball season and it was in full swing. The college itself was just a baby in the Capital Region
Siena Player Shatters Back Board [Watch]
Forget action during a game!  Siena got the excitement started early.
During warmups for Friday night's game against Canisius, the Siena freshman forward Willem Brandwijk threw down a reverse dunk so hard the backboard couldn’t handle it...
UAlbany and Siena Will Continue Basketball Rivalry
It was announced today that we will see at least four more years of the crosstown rivalry Men's Basketball  game between the UAlbany Great Danes and the Siena Saints. According to the Times Union, the schools have agreed on a contract that will run throught the 2014-2015 season.

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