This is a tough one, because I like Chris Rock a lot, and I realize that he can be "edgy" and controversial, but I really question his content in this Saturday Nite Live monologue.  What say you? 

Love Chris Rock, don't get me wrong.  I'll say it again - I love him, OK?  But his monologue on a recent Saturday Nite Live episode makes me scratch my head and give me a nervous twitch.  It's the same thing that makes me scratch on each and every episode of our morning show.

Here's the question - where do we draw the "line" with comedy?  When people are massacred at what point can we joke about it (publicly, that is) ?   Ok, I'll shut up. Watch the routine, and then you tell me if he took it too far

Now, is it possible that Chris used this subject matter to get people talking on the Twittersphere and Facebook?  I'll admit, it's a brave move to even attempt humor like this.  I'll give him that.  And Saturday Nite Live has a history of controversy.  I get that too.

Ok.  I'm taking a solid position here.  Chris, you crossed the line, and I give the bit "thumbs down".    Now it's your turn…. Tell me if I'm off base here.  I can take it.