You've had a long day at work, you finally get home, and then your boss calls. Now, your personal time has become more time for work. Maybe, not for long!

ABC News is reporting that a proposed law in New York City will change the times your employers are allowed to contact you. The law states that it will be illegal for companies with more than 10 employees and aren't a government organization to "require employees to respond to emails and text messages outside of the normal workday."

If the company goes against this law, they would have to pay a fine. Apparently, there's a similar law that's very successful in France. Average Americans normally work an eight hour day and this law would keep the work day to just that. To clarify, the law wouldn't stop employers from reaching out via call, text, or email after those hours but they can't require a response outside of the hours previously agreed upon unless it's an emergency.

If this law was passed in Upstate New York, how would it affect your job? Do you think this is fair? Some people were having an issue, thinking this should be an employers decision and not the government's, do you agree?

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