Popular Burrito Bar Buildings are For Sale

When I first moved to Center Square in Albany about 15 years ago, Lark Street was quite lively.  It still has its moments now, but long gone are the days of watching Yankee playoff baseball and Sunday football at Legends Sports Bar, or grabbing a nice meal at DeJeans.

Even the legendary Bombers Burrito Bars of the Capital Region, sadly, are a thing of the past.

Bombers Schenectady
Bombers in Schenectady   Photo: Facebook

Original owner Matt Baumgartner, who created Bombers back in 1997, sold the brand in 2017 to Jimmy Vann.  Despite selling the "brand", Baumgartner, still owned the buildings from which they operated.

Vann, according to the Times Union was the company’s longtime vice president, and as new owner, he added a few Bombers food trucks around Albany while he maintained two of the restaurants, one on Lark and the other on State Street in Schenectady, according to the TU.

Bombers on Lark
Bombers on Lark Photo: Facebook

New owner closes Bombers in Schenectady and Albany

Unfortunately, the Schenectady restaurant closed in January, followed by the lunchtime Bombers and food truck. A few months back, Vann closed the Lark Street location, and the Bombers brand, which had been quite popular in the Capital Region for decades, was no longer in business.

At the time, Baumgartner said that he hoped to lease the properties.

Baumgartner announces sale with Facebook announcement

This week came the news that Matt Baumgartner is looking to rent out the spaces, or even sell them to the right individual(s).

In part, he's what he posted on Facebook:

"If you know anyone who is interested in RENTING the space for a bar or restaurant, or if anyone is interested in PURCHASING these 2 buildings, I would consider selling them AND holding paper for a buyer who is interested in putting in a smart, exciting restaurant that would be great for the Lark Street and downtown Schenectady areas!
I would rather hold off for the right tenant/buyer than just rent or sell them to just anyone."

For just over $1.5M, you can own both

The Lark Street location is $4,750/month or $695K
The Schenectady location is $6,250/month or $895K
Interested parties can contact Matt at BurritoBoy@mac.com.

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