It will soon cost you and me more money to use our money. Does that make sense? Probably not, but in the world of finance very little does make sense.

Some of the huge mega banks like Citibank, Wells Fargo and Bank of America to name a few will start charging us every month to use our debit cards and have access to our money. The days of free checking and savings are literally over with these huge banks.

For example in November if your a Citibank EZ Checking account customer you will have to maintain a minimum balance of $6,000 on linked accounts at all times or get hit with a $15 monthly charge to use your checking account/debit card.

On the reverse side the interest rates that these accounts pay us to keep all that money in the bank have basically evaporated. Read all about it here. It's depressing, but true.

Now instead of being penalized for having insufficient funds in an account, you will be penalized for having money in your account if its not enough to keep your bank happy. The American dream is evaporating, 1 bank fee at a time.

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