I think that everyone knows that anyone that has anything to do with a farm can be very stressful.


Farmers should get more credit for all the work that they do and everything that they have to go through.

So I’m happy to be able to write a story about a farm in West Charlton that has officially been named a Bicentennial Farm. The proclamation, signed by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, was received by David and Connie Wood, who own The Eilden Tweed Farm. They were given the award on January 8, at the New York State Agricultural Society’s annual forum.

According to the article in the Saratogian, for more than 200 years, The Eilden Tweed Farm has been continuously family owned and operated. They also received a bicentennial sign so David and Connie can proudly display it for people to see when they drive by the farm.

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