A local farm transformed into a restaurant claims to be the "world's largest."

It's a pretty big world, but when it comes to the world's biggest eatery, it is right here in Upstate New York. Beekman Farm (Owned by the Beekman 1802 retail company), located in Sharon Springs, is now staking claim to the '"world's largest restaurant." According to a post on the Beekman 1802 Boys Facebook page, the farm has transformed it's land into an exclusive restaurant that would serve 5 couples dinner spread out at different locations across their property.

The farm scheduled and pre-booked 4 nights of such dining over the last month, the last of which is this Friday, July 17th. According to a New York Upstate report, each night featured a different local restaurant serving the couples across the 60 acre farm. The Beekman 1802 website  currently does not mention the potential for more dates, but that could certainly be a possibility as there is plenty of summer left.

I know I have personally been a little paranoid eating out right now, even at outdoor patios. If you are like me, something like this is right up your alley. Nothing screams 'social distancing' like 5 couples spread out over 60 acres. Not to mention in a such a beautiful setting at Beekman Farm, what must be a stunning meal outside.

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