I think most people enjoy a good Halloween display, perhaps you have that fun neighbor who likes to spook up the yard this time of year. It's a great time to be creative and have fun with the holiday. Then there are some who REALLY enjoy it!

I found this video circulating around the interwebs and thought it was a pretty incredible Halloween display. I also wondered how incredibly annoying it might be to be this guy's neighbor. I'm now not sure which is the more true. You can help me decide.

Man this guy LOVES Halloween, he must. I can't even imagine the amount of work and money went into this display. The thing that I think is the most impressive is that it's just the guy's house. I can see something this extravagant maybe at a place of business, it certainly would bring in traffic.

So take a look at this Halloween display and let me now, if this guy was your next door neighbor, would you love him or hate him?



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