If you know Albany, you know about the delicious, legendary rectangular pizza they serve at the Orchard Tavern.  My heart sunk when I heard they were recently sold and while the new owners vow to make some changes, I'm hoping they won't mess with their pizza.

The Orchard Tavern at 68 N. Manning Blvd. has been an Albany favorite since 1903 and according to the Times Union it has been sold. My family has been going there for years, in fact we just celebrated Papa Codes' brithday there at the end of October and it was as good as I remember as a kid. New owner, Kris Monforte, tells the Business Review that he will renovate bathrooms, freshen the paint and upgrade televisions but will keep the food the same. Phew! No need to panic, the pizza will remain the same as well. The sellers, Mike and Karen Noonan, ran it for 20 years.



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