This is the time for giving. I think the holidays have always brought out the charitable nature in all of us. On the same note it also brings out the highest demand. I know myself from having my own Christmastime holiday, "Pennies From Heaven", that is hard to raise money this time of year because the pie is getting cut up into very small pieces. With "Pennies" though, you really have to want to donate and make an effort to get the money to us, with many others they just seem to be there, everywhere.
It seems every store and street corner you visit this time of year someone is asking for a donation. Granted most all of these charities are wonderful organizations and the money is very much needed, but I can see where after the third time in your day of running errands you have dug a little deeper into your pocket it can get to be a bit over whelming. Which brings us to today's "Daily Dilemma".

Our listener wrote in: “Should I feel guilty for not giving money to the Salvation Army bell ringers even though I gave money at a separate location? I can’t help, but feel guilty not giving each and every time. It’s difficult to go do my holiday shopping and not run into at least one bell ringer. They don’t even ask, but I try and avoid eye contact. What is the best thing to do?”

Our listeners had a lot to say about this dilemma, let's listen to what the callers had to say: