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Salvation Army Desperately Needs Your Help
'Tis the season that you are used to hearing the Salvation Army bell ringers and making donations. But this year, like many other fundraisers, are different. The Salvation Army is hoping that you will help in either a small or big way. Here's how.
Salvation Army Hoping to Raise Over $750K
If you did any shopping over the holiday weekend you most likely heard the ringing before you saw the red kettle. The Salvation Army is back with their annual tradition, The Red Kettle Campaign, with the hopes to raise over $750,000 this year.
Harrowing Harvey Photos From My Friend in Houston: Here's How to Help
Hurricane Harvey has devastated parts of Texas and even though it is a tropical storm, the rain is relentless and the flooding; catastrophic. My college friend, Ruth lives in Houston and she and her family are trying to stay positive under these extreme circumstances. There is something we can all do to help.
Bell Ringers Make Me Feel Guilty – Daily Dilemma [AUDIO]
This is the time for giving. I think the holidays have always brought out the charitable nature in all of us. On the same note it also brings out the highest demand. I know myself from having my own Christmastime holiday, "Pennies From Heaven", that is hard to raise money this time of year because the pie is getting cut up into very small pieces. With "Pennies" though, you real