Today we had a little bit of fun with Erik Budraky from Erik is the new beer expert for the "Sean and Richie Show" and we will be having him in to talk to us every few weeks or so about the intricacies of beer and the great stories behind the men who brew them.

Beer School With Sean and Richie

So as the "Fourth of July" is upon us Erik thought it would be a good idea to talk about and sample some real American beers to stock up on for your celebrations.

We did the interview in two different segments , in the first one we learned a little about Sam Adam's, the beer and the beer company. Click here and have a listen, you may be surprised at what you did not know.

Next we got into the classic Pabst Blue Ribbon and the oldest beer in America, this one may surprise you, take a listen.

I hope you liked the learning experience, I know I did, and the sampling isn't bad either. As this is a new feature on the show I'd love to have any feedback you want to offer. Remember, have a great time celebrating the 4th this year but always drink responsibly!