Imagine being able to brag to friends that you were in a country music video! Seriously, it's like a once in a lifetime experience and how cool to witness it all put together.

Well, here's the best part - you can be and then brag all you want!

Coming up on Tuesday, May 23rd The Kyle Bourgault Band is filming for their new single, "Better Every Beer" from their new album "Absofreakinlutely." They'll be using The Rustic Barn as a filming site and while you're hanging out with them there will be dinner specials, drink specials, giveaways including a chance to see every one of the bands shows in 2017 and more!

So now is the time you go and spread the word to all of your friends and get ready to kick off the week right, Tuesday night in a MUSIC VIDEO!!!

You can also get a taste of what the band is all about and join them again at The Rustic Barn for the official Countryfest After Party on July 8th!

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