That's right, bankeoke is back again tonight at Savannah's in downtown Albany.  Only three weeks left to qualify, including tonight.  It's easy, free and you don't have to feel like the next "American Idol" to get on stage.  Anyone is welcome to partake and did I mention it is a whole lot of fun!The house band, the Ruddys, know over 500 songs including many country songs.  You just sign up with your name, the song you want to sing and the artist of that song.  Then when your turn is up, you join the Ruddys on stage, with the lyrics if you need them, and show us your stuff.

Festivities kick off at 8pm with the results being announced close to 11pm.  WGNA will be on hand with me, Casey Danton, and lots of great prizes being given away.  Chris Dukes will also be there hosting.  He usually gets up with the Ruddys for a few songs (always great to see -- one week they played musical instruments).  And of course, who could forget good ole Savannah's to provide you with a great atmosphere, awesome food and plenty to drink.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.  If you make it to the finals the last Thursday of this month (January), you could win $1,000!!!  Don't miss bandeoke tonight, 8 to 11pm at Savannah's -- corner of Pearl Street and State Street in Albany, just a few doors down from the Times Union Center.

I better see you there!


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