Countryfest 2012 Through Levack’s Eyes
By now I bet you think you know all there is to know about Countryfest. Well not so fast my friends! Let me take you into a dark and scary place called MY MIND! Here is what July 7th 2012 was like for me.
Qualify for $1,000
Tonight is the last night to get in for our bandaoke finals.  Not karaoke, but bandaoke -- where you pick a song, get up with the house band and belt your little heart out.  It's tons of fun, whether you watching or participating, and the best part, you could win $1,000!
Be A Bandeoke-er Tonight
That's right, bankeoke is back again tonight at Savannah's in downtown Albany.  Only three weeks left to qualify, including tonight.  It's easy, free and you don't have to feel like the next "American Idol" to get on stage.  Anyone is welcome to p…
Bandeoke Tonight
I think I've done karaoke twice in my lifetime and once was probably well before I discovered I was not destined for a singing career and the second, was with Billy Currington's band after Countryfest 2008 (what girl wouldn't have done that).