I truly love when kids are just silly being kids. I also appreciate when they can just, in a moment, whether anyone is watching or not, be completely themselves. I came across this video and it made my day. I hope it gives you a smile too. Dane Miller is a nine year old from Prosper, Texas and while he was riding in his aunt's car, he belted out Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing." His aunt recorded him, and it is the best video I have seen all week.

His family says that he is a fun kid who loves to sing all kinds of music and is very passionate about it. I love how throughout the video, Dane is so animated and laughs while he is singing. It truly made my day.

The family said that the reaction and comments to their Facebook video was so positive and Dane loves music so much, they are starting his own YouTube channel. It's called "Amazing Dane." We aren't sure if we will see more Whitney songs, but Dane is a huge fan of Taylor Swift.

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