Matt Baumgartner has assured us that even though he's selling his Bombers Burrito Bar restaurants, they will not be changing. I'm holding him to that. 

Bombers on Lark is my spot when I want some delicious maple barbecue wings or a drink with friends.  Baumgartner continues to explore other avenues of business, including operating a small farm.  No matter what he does, he'll always be "Burrito Boy".  I'm sure he's ok with that.

The legend of Bombers goes back 20 years when he won 15k in a poker tournament (how can I NOT love this story) and parlayed that into multiple Bombers and Wolff's Biergarten establishments, as well as the Old English Pub in Albany. He's hanging on to Wolff's and Olde English, while selling Bombers off to a longtime associate, Jimmy Vann.

Matt's really a great guy and has done quite a bit for the city of Albany (and Capital Region) by giving us a variety of creatively themed restaurants and bars that are always lively and fun.  I always felt that he just sort of had the magic touch when it came to knowing what would work in Albany.  Baumgartner's establishments are some of the few in the area that everyone can agree on when planning a night out with friends.

Change is a good thing. It breathes new life into the soul.  But please, don't change the Bombers wings!









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