Think back to when you were a kid and how you'd imagine your life as an adult, when you'd talk about how you'd have an ice cream fountain and a whole room dedicated to video games. One Ballston Spa family made one of their childhood dreams come true.

George Riley of Ballston Spa thought it'd be fun to have a pinball machine in his newly finished basement in 1996. Then, after he purchased the one, he couldn't stop. One became two, two became three and eventually three became 230 machines.

WNYT had an interview with George and his wife Pat and neither one of them had a particular attachment to pinball machines but they soon grew quite an appreciation for them. Each one of their pinball machines are different and they love each and every one, so much so that they had to expand their house. They are starting to sell off some of the machines to go back to his original love, muscle cars, but he said no matter how many he sells off, he'll never get rid of all of them.

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