Zahn Admits to GNA that Colleagues Were ‘Shocked’
We all were thrown for a loop when longtime News Channel 13 anchor Benita Zahn announced that she was leaving the news station at the end of May.  The local TV legend was gracious enough to talk to Brian and Chrissy on Wednesday morning about the news she was making, not the news she was breaki…
Local Icon Benita Zahn Announces She’s Leaving Channel 13
Benita Zahn has been a wonderful mainstay at News Channel 13 for many years.  I don't know how many to be exact, but I'm old enough to go way back to the days of Ed Dague, Chris Kapostasy, Norm Sebastian, and Bob McNamara "with sports!"   News Channel 13 has evolved their look over the yea…
Local Reporter Gets Up-Close Video Of Cohoes Bear
The 'Cohoes Bear' is still on the loose and one local reporter has been tracking it's whereabouts all morning.  A Facebook video posted a pretty clear shot of the animal making it's way through a wooded bike path, relatively close to oncoming traffic in Cohoes.
Former Local Anchor’s Irma Report Goes Viral (VIDEO)
Former News Channel 13 anchor Jessica Layton was reporting on Hurricane Irma over the weekend and a man appeared in her video for literally a split second, but as we know, the internet catches everything!  Layton, the consummate professional, was doing a "live shot" about Flor…
Crossgates Suicide Reported
An Investigation is currently being done by New York State Police regarding what is being reported as an apparent suicide that took place at Crossgates Mall.
Pay With Lovin'
While some people have said that McDonald's "Pay with Lovin" campaign reeks of desperation from the fast food chain that has been losing their stronghold on the fast food industry as of late, I think it's kind of cool.

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