If you missed "Pet Connection" today on the " Sean and Richie Show", here is another chance for you to take a look at a couple of great pets up for adoption. We would love to thank our sponsor The Animal Hospital in Guilderland for their help in getting these pets new homes. Let's take a look at the pets featured today.

Ava is a 1 year old spayed female pitbull/mix. She is playful and smart and needs someone who will be able to devote time to training her as well and give her a lot of attention. Despite her energy, she has a wonderful “on/off switch.” She is a compact little girl, which is a good thing because she could easily become a couch and bed hog! Ava was first found running as a stray at 7-months old; it’s hard to imagine that no one missed her. She has captured the heart of volunteers and has become the official greeter at PetSmart adoption clinics. If someone wants to play, she’s all for it! But she is just as happy to plop herself on a lap. She will literally flop into your arms and then roll over on her back for belly rubs. Her tail and her tongue are both dangerous weapons that never stop. In additional to her wonderful disposition, Ava is also very smart. She has been trained with a clicker and is now beyond learning basic commands and moving on to higher levels of training. Ava thrives on human interaction and is eager to please. Ava is also a lover of children.

Eve is 10 yrs old…domestic shorthair….she is warm and loving lap girl. She lost her mom when she went into a nursing home. Please don’t let her age and weight put you off. Eve is overweight but healthy, as all of the cats are tested for diabetes. Eve looks you in the eye, pays attention when you talk to her, and loves to jump on a lap and snuggle in tight…like a bug in a rug. Despite her age and size, Eve is really 10 years young and quite spry. Eve had adapted well to being so displaced after spending her entire life, because she know there must be someone out there who needs to benefit from her love. With a diet and the exercise she’ll get by following her new person around making sure never to lose sight of her, Eve is destined for many more wonderful years. Can she share those years with you?

For more information on these wonderful pets and others please contact the Montgomery County SPCA at 842-8050.