It looks like the former Governor of California might be back on movie screens across the country in the near future.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in currently in talks to join the cast of the movie "The Last Stand" in which the former Terminator star would play a bordertown sheriff who teams with his inexperienced staff to hunt down a Mexico-bound cartel leader, that according to the Hollywood Reporter. It's also reported that he’s been looking at a number of other offers, including a "Predator" sequel and a remake of "The Marathon Man".

This would be Arnie's first starring role since leaving the California Governor's seat in January and his first since 2003's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. He did have a cameo appearance in last year's action star loaded "The Expendables" last year.

I am really happy to hear this news. I am a big Schwarzenegger fan. I have just about all his movies either on VHS or DVD. From the Conan flicks, to the Terminators and even Jingle All The Way!  The dialouge may not be great in his movies, but the one liners are classic!  Check out these videos of some of his best, be aware some are NSFW.

Do you have a  favorite Schwarzenegger movie? I myself would have to go with True Lies with Jamie Lee Curtis. It was the perfect mix of action, comedy and Drama. Which one is your favorite?