Just thinking about this makes me laugh out loud.  You'll never guess what could be coming to a theatre near you in the not so distant future.  Hint - Do you like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito? 

Yes, one of the greatest comedy hits of all time is getting a sequel, and this one could actually be better than the first.

Remember TWINS? the movie was released back in 1988 and was a runaway hit (and actually made Arnold more money than any other flick he ever starred in). So why would they make a sequel?  Leave well enough alone, right?


Well think about this.  The next installment of this movie is going to be called "TRIPLETS", and guess who their "long lost brother" is going to be?  Eddie Murphy. Ok, NOW do you think it's worth producing?  HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG?  I don't think you'd even need a script.  Just turn the cameras on and let them go!

They have just begun filming, and should be out later in the year.  Can't wait! YOU?


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