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YouTube Starts Comedy Week [VIDEO]
YouTube has brought us more "stars" then almost any other medium. Now a days you can get your message out, showcase your talent or post videos of your friends hurting themselves instantly to YouTube and the entire world can see it. So YouTube has taken all their funny&nbs…
First Look At Colin Farrell In Total Recall Remake [VIDEO]
One of my favorite Sci-Fi thrillers was 1990's "Total Recall". So it's no surprise to me it's being remade. The original starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and was ahead of its time. The remake will feature one Colin Farrell who is fresh off a remake of "Fright N…
The Expendables 2 – Trailer Park [VIDEO]
If you watched the first "Expendables" then you know it's a straight up action film the makes no apologizes for what it is. Which I am ok with. The first was missing a few things, but at first glance they fixed that in "The Expendables 2".

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