Now that the warmer weather has ramped up in the Capital Region, it's more common to see illegal and unsafe ATV and dirt bike use all over the streets, especially in Albany.  Reckless riders zip through parks, many times they're going the wrong way on one-way streets and I've even seen them on sidewalks weaving around pedestrians.  Kudos to the Albany Police department. After many complaints from citizens and business owners, they're seriously cracking down, wiping out  the delinquent drivers.

The city of Albany police department posted multiple pictures of ATV's and dirt bikes confiscated over the weekend.  According to their Facebook page, they nabbed a total of seven unregistered vehicles that had been ridden illegally on Albany streets.

Tracking down these delinquent drivers is tougher than it may seem. Police are often leery to chase them fearing that the riders will take the bikes unsafely up and down sidewalks to avoid getting caught putting pedestrians at risk.

The APD is asking anyone with information about where dirt bikes and ATV’s in Albany may be stored or operating, to call 518-462-8039.

Anonymous tips may also be submitted to Capital Region Crime Stoppers at

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