Yes, you read that correctly and is your preteen self freaking out right now? This is what dreams are made of!

First, if you hadn't heard, Lizzie McGuire is coming back with Hilary Duff on the upcoming streaming service Disney+. It will follow Lizzie as an adult, no word on which other members of the original cast are involved but at this point, who cares, we're getting our girl back on television!

Second, if your preteen dream (like mine) was to be on the show and be best friends with Lizzie, don't give up just yet. Backstage posted that they're currently casting for the upcoming reboot. They're looking to shoot in Los Angeles starting next month. There isn't a ton of information about what kinds of people they're looking for or for which roles but the fact that they're even casting means this is actually happening!

If you do end up auditioning and making it, I don't need credit, just a tour of the set and meeting Hilary Duff is enough.

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