The pandemic continues to wreak havoc on retail stores and malls across the country. Another retail store is closing hundreds of locations and two local malls may lose another store. According to, the coronavirus pandemic and more customers shopping online have caused the H&M clothing store to announce that it will close two hundred fifty stores in 2021. The temporary closures of the H&M stores inside malls have also attributed to the closures.

There are two H&M retail clothing stores in the Capital Region. There is one in Colonie Center and one in Crossgates Mall. Because both malls were shut down during the pandemic, it leads to more customers to shop online. There is no word which of the two hundred fifty stores will close and if we will lose none, both, or one of the H&M stores in the Capital Region.

The company says that its overall sales were down five percent in September. This is why they have been forced to close two hundred fifty stores. There are five hundred ninety-three H&M stores across the country. There is no word in which two hundred fifty stores will close and it won't happen until next year.

So many stores have felt the crunch of online shopping and temporary store closures during the pandemic. H&M will now be part of many retail stores that have announced store closures like JC Penney, Victoria's Secret, and many more.

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