Time to check your bank account a little bit closer if you stopped by this local fast food chain.  Sonic Corp. has announced that it was alerted of unusual activity with credit cards at some of its fast food locations. There are 3600 Sonic Drive-Ins across the country with two here in the Capital Region. There is one in Latham and one in Troy.

Which stores were hacked is still under investigation. The breech may have led to a sale of information on millions of stolen credit and debit card accounts to underground cyber crime stores according to KrebsOnSecurity.

Sonic released a statement saying that they are working closely with forensic experts and law enforcement to figure out the magnitude of the breech and the issue. They urge customers to check their bank statements for unusual activity.

Even though there are only two locations in the Capital Region, if you did stop by Sonic in recent months, check your bank statements just to be sure.

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