There is another dog food recall to be aware of. They contain a high level of vitamins that could cause your furry friend to become very sick. Because of high levels of Vitamin D, there is a major recall of several varieties of dog food. According to WIVB, Sunshine Mills, who manufactures the dog food, believes that there are elevated levels of the vitamin that could make your pets sick.

The dog foods being recalled are Evolve Puppy, Sportsman's Pride, Triumph Chicken and Rice and Large Breed Puppy.

The dates to look for are ones between November 1, 2018 through November 8, 2019.

If your dog ingests too much Vitamin D, it could cause kidney failure in your dog. Look for symptoms that include loss of appetite, vomiting, they may be very thirsty and may urinate more frequently.

If you have these bags of dog food, you are to return to point of purchase or throw them away.

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