I know, I know... I have to be quicker with getting Andrea's nuggets of wisdom and money saving techniques from the Sean and Richie Show to the website a lot quicker than I usually do. I promise I will be making the effort. I think all of the deals included in this week's shopping list are still good to go though. I liked that this week she found some great deals on games, I guess it is never too early to stock up on some Christmas gifts for the family.


You will notice at the end of the "printable shopping list a quick rundown of the deals at K-Mart and Rite- Aid. Now that I looked it over I think I may want to go home and play some Scrabble.

Also please come back to this blog throughout the week as she does sometimes add deals that become available in the "comments" section below.

We also have a great daily deal through Seize The Deal which you should always check out too!

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