When I was younger, my Samantha American Girl Doll was with me everywhere. Well, even though we've grown up, American Girl Dolls have kept releasing new dolls and the new one is local!

American Girl Dolls announced the arrival of their new doll Blaire Wilson, according to the Poughkeepsie Journal. Blaire Wilson is the brand new Girl of the Year doll and she's a fellow Upstate New Yorker, from the Hudson Valley! According to American Girl, Wilson lives on Pleasant View Farm in the Hudson Valley, and you'll probably even see her at the Ulster County Fair during fair season.

American Girl reached out to some Hudson Valley residents to make sure her story is as accurate as possible to the region. Though American Girl isn't incredibly specific about Wilson's backstory, Hudson Valley experts have said that the books capture life in the region really well.

Wilson is green-eyed, curly-haired, and a redhead (which I, of course, support). She's a budding chef but, like many girls right now, has a hard time tearing "herself away from electronic devices." Her accessories include a lamb, a piglet, as well as gardening and party decor. You can buy her at AmericanGirl.com or at retail stores, the closest to us is in New York City. The doll will cost about $115.


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